Arid Letters

The Diary of an English Teacher in Arabia

Sandy Singles

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IMG_2019Image David and a couple Saudi friends are standing outside the Kingdom Tower, because it was families only that night – NO SINGLE DUDES ALLOWED!!! Because single dudes are just trouble….


I wish I could think of an explanation for this shoe/sandal graveyard. But I can’t.


How bout them melons?


I really, really, really hate sandstorms. But I kind of enjoy the feeling like I’m about to throw a Molotov cocktail.


Food is so cheap here. When I get the gumption, I cook dinners fit for kings. This is my crab and roasted eggplant from the other night.


Amanda thought you couldn’t be “hot” in a niqab. Pssshhh. Whatever. Girl I’m fabulous.



Author: Simeon Brown

Love walking barefoot on hot asphalt, love skateboarding, dislike foods that come in boxes. Amateur creative writer, professional cool hunter, pianist. Favorite part time job ever? Mortician's assistant. Favorite visual artist? Louis Wain.

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